Don’t waste your Facebook (or Twitter, or Instagram, or Pinterest, or Google Plus or…)

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The title of this blog is, of course, a nod to John Piper’s battle cry, “Don’t waste your life”.  It has been a great theme of his ministry and has expanded to “don’t waste your cancer” and “your university years” and “your seminary” and “your weaknesses”, etc.  In the spirit of Piper’s exhortation, this post is a challenge for all of us not to waste our technology and our social networking.  Many of us Christians live in an age where we have an unimaginable reach through technology.  It is amazing that CNN and others break their stories on Twitter.  For many Facebook users, they can share that they’ve bought a new deodorant to hundreds, if not thousands, of friends.

Technology, like most objects, can be used for evil, for nothing, or for good.  Sheep, how are you using your technology?  How are you using your social networking?

If you’ve never seen the video below, take a few minutes to watch it.  It’ll fire you up.

In the same vein as what’s in the video, Facebook, and Twitter, and Instagram, and Pinterest, and Google Plus, and whatever, has been given to you so that you might use it in such a way that it would plain to the world that it is not your treasure–Christ is.  If we did a survey of our Status Updates, our Tweets, our pictures, and our Likes, would it be plain to the world that Christ is our treasure?

Living this out might look different for each Christian, but, friends, whatever it looks like, let’s not waste our technology or our social networking.  Let’s use all of it for the glory of God and by His grace and mercy.


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