The glory due Him

Thus the heavens and the earth were finished, and all the host of them. – Genesis 2:1

Here, Moses summarizes God’s work in Genesis 1.  “Thus”, he writes, “the heavens and the earth were finished”.  This phrase, “the heavens”, can refer to the sky, but more likely, Moses is referring to all of the universe besides the earth.  God created the stars, the solar systems, the galaxies, and when a man looks into the sky, he has but a small glimpse of “the heavens”.  

He also created “all the host of them”.  This is either referring to the contents of earth, or the contents of the heavens, or both.  Both, makes the most sense here, because of the summarizing nature of this verse.  God not only created the spaces, but He also filled them with magnificent detail, from amazing solar systems in which two stars revolve around each other, to ants that create intricate systems of tunnels in which to carry out their work.  

God created them “thus”: by the word of His mouth (Genesis 1).  He spoke, and it was so.  

Finally, notice that Moses selects the word “finished”.  He doesn’t say “God created”, here, like he did in Genesis 1:1.  God isn’t learning as He goes.  He knew exactly what He aimed to create, and He created it exactly as He intended.  It was not a work-in-progress. 

How easy it is for us to take creation, and therefore, the Creator, for granted.  The Lord spoke the universe into existence, down to the smallest detail, and all we see and even all we can’t see has been marvelously created by Him.  May we learn, by His grace, to appreciate His creation each day and to ascribe to Him the glory due Him. 


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