God said…and it was so. 

“And God said…and it was so…” (Genesis 1)

Several times in Genesis 1, we see this pattern of “And God said…and it was so…”. The author reveals to us that what God desires and commands happens. This is a marvelous display of His Lordship and sovereignty. God said that something out of nothing would exist, and it was so.  

This is an important reminder for us that God’s word is trustworthy. Whereas you might tell your parents that you’re going to their house for Christmas, whether or not that actually happens is not up to you. But when Christ the King decrees something, it is certain.  

So, we can cling to His many promises, that He will return to vindicate us and rule over His enemies, that He will work out in us what He has started in us, that He will be with us always.

Also, we can trust Him in every situation. When we pray, we know that if it is His will, He will certainly do it. And if He does not do it, we know that’s it not for lack of control. When God says, it will be so. 

Lord, help us to trust in You, for Your word is good. 

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