A sign of true conversion

And immediately he proclaimed Jesus in the synagogues, saying, “He is the Son of God.” – Acts 9:20

Only days before this, Saul had been infamous for his treatment of Christians. He was a zealous Pharisee, and he was known for hunting down Christians and dragging them back to Jerusalem for trial.  But now that Jesus has saved him, we see quite a different Saul.  A key word that stands out here is immediately.  His immediate reaction to being saved by the Lord was to proclaim the gospel of Jesus.  He didn’t need to wait until he was a more mature Christian.  He could not help but start sharing about Jesus right away. 

This is what true conversion should look like today.  When someone truly realizes the gift of God’s grace on their lives, they should not be able to help but tell others about it.  

Think about when we find a really good television show.  Or when we buy a new car.  Don’t we feel the impulse to share this information with others?  Haven’t we been filled with such excitement that we can’t keep it in?  How much more should we be thrilled to make disciples of all nations?

Now, if you have believed in Jesus but don’t have this impulse, it doesn’t mean that you’re not saved.  But the question must be asked, “Why do I not have this?”  

O God, whatever is keeping us from immediately proclaiming Jesus, please remove that from us, and fill us with a passion for Your glory that cannot be silenced. 


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