God laughs at them

This is the message I got from a good brother today:

“Hey Ed saw your post on Ted Cruz. Don’t forget that one of the biblical problems that democracy will always have as a political system is that the reprobate outnumber the elect!…good reminder that politics is never the solution and that we can pretty much always expect it to go badly for Godly people in a depraved society.”

On one hand, it’s a message of despair.  But on the other hand, the sender was implying something important: We can’t place our trust in man.  We can only trust in God.  And God is totally in control. 

In Psalm 59, David is writing about his enemies.  They were bloodthirsty, seeking to take his life.  They thought very much of themselves.  David writes,

But you, O LORD, laugh at them; you hold all the nations in derision. – Psalm 59:8

God laughs at them.  In other words, they were pounding their chests not just before David, but before almighty God.  And it was laughable.  The Lord did not fear them one bit.  They are nothing before Him.  They were worthy of His derision—all nations are.  

So, in our day, what men are we to fear?  What outcome are we to dread?  We could have a president who curses God and persecutes His people, and you know what the Lord will do?  He will laugh.  And He will hold them in derision. 

Our.  God.  Reigns.  Do not fear, Christian.  The victory is ultimately His.  Our job is to herald His good news and invite the world into His peace.  Preach that there is salvation in Jesus Christ.  Preach that everyone who believes in Him will not be laughed at, will not be derided, but welcomed as His children.  

But for those who reject Him, it’s only a matter of time that He will enact His justice.  Put your trust not in Trump.  Not in Hillary.  Not in the ballot.  Trust in God. 


One thought on “God laughs at them

  1. I am so over all this election stuff, in our faces 24/7, is there no end to it, there is no escape from it, what did we all do to deserve this, why can’t we be left alone, and what about our sanity????????????

    Arrrggh. I never used to drink, but now the brewery is making home deliveries to me.

    PLEASE STOP IT !!! (not the home delivery, just the 24/7 politics).

    And if you don’t understand how I feel (or even if you do), then look at this YouTube cartoon, it says it all . . .


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