Re-bleat (February 13)

1. If God Made Woman for Man, Then What is God’s Plan for Singleness? (Answers in Genesis)

2. True Love (Ligonier)

3. The Old Testament Told in Only 5 Minutes (Dan Hait)

4.  Mark 7:2 (Daily Dose of Greek)

5. Disability Does Not Justify Abortion (Desiring God)

6. A Pastor Is Not Married to the Church (The Gospel Coalition)

7. 9 Things You Should Know About Justice Antonin Scalia (1936–2016) (The Gospel Coalition)


1. Ex-Obama aide: Clinton should quit (CNN)

2. Arizona high school shooting was a murder-suicide, police say (TIME)

3. Most of us don’t eat enough seafood (Washington Post)

4. Trump under pressure to show more presidential side at Republican Debate (Yahoo News)

7. U.S. Supreme Court Justice Scalia, conservative icon, dead at 79 (Yahoo News)

Just for fun

1. Another reason you should not vote for Trump (9GAG)


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