Re-bleat (February 9)

1. Better Than Money, Sex, and Power (John Piper)

2. The Briefing 02-09-16 (Al Mohler)

3. A Massive New Book on the Authority of Scripture, Edited by D. A. Carson (Justin Taylor)

4. How the Church Helps Marriages Thrive (Matt Chandler)

5. Jesus Suffered to Keep You from Sinning (John Piper)

6. How to Be as Bold as the Disciples (The Cripplegate)


1. 4,000-passenger cruise ship inexplicably sails into Atlantic mega-storm (Washington Post)

2. This Millennial is being called the next Albert Einstein (USA Today)

3. Assault with a deadly reptile: Florida man tosses alligator into a Wendy’s (Washington Post)

Just for fun

1. Top 5 Super Bowl LI Contenders (Pro Football Focus)

2. Report: Browns lied about Manziel concussion to cover up his drinking (Pro Football Talk)


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