Re-bleat (January 28)

1. Jesus wants his followers to be free from worry.

2. Trevin Wax finds it difficult to cheer Trump’s conversion, because the reason he gives for being pro-life doesn’t correspond to the pro-life ethic.

3. Grand Jury’s failure to indict Planned Parenthood a judgment against our nation’s laws. 

4. Hillary Clinton’s advantage over Bernie Sanders has shrunk to its smallest of the 2016 campaign. 

5. Nothing was accidental or happenstance about Jesus’ earthly ministry.

6. How does the fact that there are gay/homosexual animals impact the idea that homosexuality is a sin?

7. America is clearly a nation that has “progressively moved away from whatever Judeo-Christian-Deist roots that it once had.” 

8. Like a great cloud of witnesses, the examples of steadfast spiritual leaders from generations past spur the biblical expositor on toward greater commitment and ministry effectiveness.

9. The iconic sports car-turned-time-machine in Back to the Future is going into production for the first time in decades. 

10. False teachers come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from the most deranged cult leader to the most winsome television preacher. 

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