Re-bleat (January 26)

1. God rescues his people from some harm. Not all harm. 

2. Many evangelicals spend more time talking about rapture than resurrection. 

3. All else being equal, I’d rather have a mature Christian with simple theological knowledge than an extremely knowledgeable, well-read Christian without a lot of maturity.

4. Our temptations are similar in kind to what Jesus faced. 

5. The minister of the Gospel is called to “Preach the Word!”

6. What fuels a strong, resilient, enjoyable marriage?

7.  “Traveling mercies” is imitation crab in Christian lingo.

8. In a surprise move, a Texas grand jury investigating Planned Parenthood wrapped up on Monday by issuing several indictments not to the women’s healthcare provider, but to two of the anti-abortion activists who had prompted the investigation.


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