The Savior’s food

After the Lord had spoken with the woman at the well, his disciples were urging Him to eat.  He told them that He had food that they didn’t even know about.  They didn’t understand what He meant by that, so then,

Jesus said to them, “My food is to do the will of him who sent me and to accomplish his work. – John 4:34

Think of a time when you were really, really hungry.  And then recall the feeling of finally getting to food.  Think of the satisfaction, the delight.  This is the Savior’s point.  

Now, no doubt He actually did eat food.  But what He’s saying here is that His greater satisfaction, His greater delight, His greater food is to do the will of His Father and to accomplish His work.  His most prominent desire was to obey His Father.  

Oh, that our hearts would be like Christ’s.  Often in our lives, doing the will of our Lord is peripheral to us.  Intellectually, we know that our food is to do His will, but practically, it often doesn’t translate into our hearts and actions.  

Let us pray that the Holy Spirit would continually shape our hearts into the image of the Savior.  And let us continually remind ourselves and each other of the greater delight and greater satisfaction that is obeying the Lord. 


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