A convicting verse to start your day right 

Psalm 35 begins with,

Contend, O LORD, with those who contend with me; fight against those who fight against me! – Psalm 35:1

From this verse, we can see the theme of the psalm.  It’s a song asking the Lord for deliverance from the psalmist’s enemies and for vindication.  

Here’s how the psalm concludes:

Then my tongue shall tell of your righteousness and of your praise all the day long. – Psalm 35:28

The psalmist anticipates God’s delivering him from his enemies, and rightly acknowledges that he has much reason to tell of God’s righteousness and praise continually.  

The reason why this psalm is convicting is that on this side of the cross, Christian, we have even more reason to proclaim the glories of God all the day long.  For anyone who has trusted in Jesus for their salvation, their sins have been washed away.  The wrath that they deserved was put on Him as He suffered on the cross.  Hence He has delivered us.  He has vindicated us.  And not in a temporal way from earthly enemies, like the psalmist, but in an eternal way from sin and death.  

Why is it then, that we don’t tell of His righteousness and praise all the day long?  Oh, He is worthy.  God help us to have the bliss in our hearts and the courage in our bones to to do so now.  

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