Re-bleat (January 8)

1. No Old Testament sacrifice, no matter how carefully selected, was genuinely and completely pleasing to God. 

2. God often blesses us with a “grace given” in the circle of “grace denied.”

3. Marriage is a huge responsibility. It is the opportunity to display a picture of the Gospel to the entire world. 

4. Religious liberty and LGBT rights are on a collision course in 2016. 

5. A pastor needs to be trained not to be reactionary regarding the dysfunction and turmoil he finds, but to have a clear plan on how his time should be spent during his first few years regardless what problems he inherits.

6. Within families, the burden is increasingly falling on students, two-thirds of whom are now carrying debt. 

7. Here is the story of how we lost a daughter, and gained so much more.

8. If the law of God can be summarized in a positive command, then we consider how to “run to” God rather than merely how to “run from” sin.


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