Re-bleat (Christmas)

1. Jesus came into the world to help us stop sinning.

2. The key to enduring suffering in service to others is putting on the humility of Christ.

3. For some church leaders, the holiday is here without joy; the struggles of ministry are so intense that it’s hard to celebrate.

4. To our shame, our brothers and sisters in Christ are being ignored in the upheaval in the Middle East.

5. For born-again Christians, Jesus is more than a good teacher, a prophet or even a created being. He is in actual fact the Creator of all things, who existed before the creation of the world (John 17:5).

6. If you’re looking for last minute Christmas gift ideas, here are three suggestions. 

7. Wait—“Everlasting Father”? Isn’t he the “child . . . born,” the “son . . . given”? Isn’t he the Son of Man and the Son of God? Isn’t it God the Father who is, well, God the Father?

8. The world may soon have Christmas almost in it’s rear view mirror, but for Christ’s church the wonder and joy of Christmas never ends. 

9. The only genuine and lasting joy is that found in the kingdom of God, because God Himself created mankind and wants to provide them with complete satisfaction.

10. Indeed we believe and work but we do so because God works in us to do according to his good pleasure. 


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