Re-bleat (December 24)

1. How could we possibly even think of giving our children a bowl of bland, sugarless porridge when they are offered the greatest meal in the world? Why would we give them Santa Claus when they can have the incarnation of the Son of God? 

2. The treasure of salvation is not evident to unregenerate people, which is why they don’t naturally seek it. 

3. Here are the five worst selections of this year’s Pro Bowl.  There are plenty of deserving players who have been left on the outside looking in.

4. American household Christmas lights, a favorite holiday tradition, use up more electricity than some poorer countries — such as El Salvador or Ethiopia — do in a year.

5. We’re moved by a deep conviction as believers to keep Christ as the centerpiece of Christmas. But we also can’t help feeling the immense pressure from the media, and even friends and family, not to be our kids’ killjoy when it comes to ol’ Saint Nick.


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