What’s viral and our fickle passions

We now live in an age where information moves so quickly and our brains are accustomed to continually receiving a variety of stimuli.  We love the six-second video, and if an article is too long, we start skimming.  Our attention spans are 

We see this in a pronounced way when we examine what we get so temporarily passionate about.  You know what was not a topic of conversation at dinner last night (or even a subject on my mind, for that matter)?  Paris.  Beirut.  Cecil the Lion.  Bruce Jenner.  When something goes viral, we become passionate quickly, but then that passion disappears quickly.  We’re becoming a people of shallow convictions and excitable temperaments.

Christians, it cannot be this way for us.  We are to be a people zealous for Jesus Christ, continuously.  We are to be sober-minded, sorrowful, yet always rejoicing.  We are not to be tossed around by the tempest of sensationalism.  We need to know what we believe and what matters, and we need to keep our focus on it steadfastly.  

How do we do this?  We need to ask for the Holy Spirit’s help, foremost.  And we need to be regularly in the word of God, for it will instruct our hearts as to what we need to be passionate about.  And we need to pray continually.  It helps to have a list of topics for which to pray, because then you don’t forget about Paris.  Or ISIS.  Or Nigeria.  Or Boko Haram.  Or the Great Commission. 

For the sake of the glory of Jesus Christ, let us make war against our fickle flesh and hate what is evil and hold fast to what is good. 


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