Guard yourself this Black Friday

Today, many Americans, including many Christians, are going to line up at stores early in the morning (or sometimes the night before) to avail of Black Friday deals.  For the most part, it’s all fun and games, though the media likes to highlight the occasional stampede or violent incident.  Innocent as a typical Black Friday may be, there’s a certain lack of innocence to it.  So, Christian, if you’re going out today, guard yourself.  Arm yourself with the word of God, and fortify your heart.  Ask the Lord in this moment that He would help you shop with 

  • Love.  A love for those around you.  A love that remembers to look for moments to witness and to evangelize.  A love that counts others as more significant than oneself. 
  • Joy.  Joy in Christ alone.  Not joy in things.  Joy even when they ran out of that item you’ve been standing in line for. 
  • Peace.  Peace instead of anxiety.  Trusting God as almighty over your day. 
  • Patience.  Pray for an extra helping, and be quick about it. 
  • Kindness.  Being prepared to give someone else that last toy instead of taking it for yourself. 
  • Goodness.  Being Christlike even today.
  • Faithfulness.  Don’t make idols of your shopping list or even your friends and family.  Worship the Lord even as you shop. 
  • Gentleness.  Even when someone is not so gentle toward you. 
  • Self-control.  Be faithful with what the Lord has given you.  Don’t go overboard just because of the day. 

In all things, may we glorify the Lord, not just today, but every day for all eternity. 


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