Get hungry during the worship service?

Not spiritually hungry.  Physically.  It’s not uncommon during a Sunday morning corporate worship gathering to start feeling hungry toward the end.  For many churches, that’s around lunch time, if not a little after.  Here’s some practical advice for when you tummy starts to grumble: lean into it.

In those moments that you’re hungry, worship the Lord by reflecting on the fact that physical hunger reminds us:

1. Of the spiritual hunger we should have for knowing Christ.

2. That if it were not for the gracious provision of God, we would never eat. 

3. That it is a small sacrifice to make to spend more time in corporate worship. 

4. That man doesn’t live on bread alone, but on every word of God. 

5. That the Savior faced the devil after forty days and nights of fasting.

So, when you feel hungry during church, take that as an opportunity to worship God even more in your hunger.   

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