There is no one like our God

Consider for just a moment, O sheep, just how marvelous and incomparable is our God.  There is none like Him.  

There is no one but Him who created the universe.  Genesis 1 says of Him that He

made the two great lights—the greater light to rule the day and the lesser light to rule the night—and the stars.

Notice how many words are devoted to the creation of the hundreds of billions of stars in all the universe: just three.  And the stars.  It was nothing for our God to speak all of them into existence and it’s nothing for Him to know them all by name. 

It’s only our God who created the universe and the galaxy and the solar system and our planet just the right way that we may live.  It’s only He who knew just how far the earth should be from the sun, just how quickly it should turn, just how much of the sun’s strength should be allowed to reach the planet’s surface that we may live. 

It’s only our God who controls history, in whose hands are the hearts of kings.  It’s only our God who is sovereign over every event in all time, even the thoughts and feelings of men. 

It’s only our God who is outside of time, who is always everywhere, who knows all things, who can do all things, and whose mind is unsearchable.  

And it’s only our God who condescends to wicked people like us.  Though He could rightly and easily blow us away like a piece of dirt, instead He had compassion on sinners like us.  It’s only our God who gave up His only Son.  It’s only our God who went to the cross and paid the penalty due sin.  It’s only our God who welcomes rebels to His table if they will only repent.  

Christian, behold!

Perhaps you’re not a Christian and you’ve stumbled on this blog.  Our heart’s desire is for you to know our God and His Son Jesus Christ.  Turn from your sins, and trust in Him. 


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