But by the grace of God

Pride is an awful sin.  Yes, all sins are awful because they are against the Savior.  But pride is in some ways more dangerous.  Your tendency is to not realize how much it is actually hurting you.  

It’s a like a child in a pool on a cloudy day.  They don’t realize that, despite the sun being shrouded by clouds, the UV rays are still ravaging their skin.  Perhaps they didn’t use sunscreen that day, and thus were even more prone to skin damage. 

When it comes to pride, we don’t realize how bad it is actually hurting us.  And really all other sins stem from this one.  How can we protect ourselves, by His grace, against pride?  One way is to consider this: but by the grace of God, we would not have anything good or be anything good.  Rehearse these: But by the grace of God,

  1. I would not be chosen 
  2. I would not be saved 
  3. I would not be able to not sin
  4. I would not be at all Christlike
  5. I would not know as much as I do
  6. I would have no gifts nor talents
  7. I would not eat, nor drink, nor breathe
  8. I would not even be alive
  9. I would be in hell this very day 
  10. I would _______

What do you have, sheep, that was not first given to you?  We have no room to be prideful before God and others.  But by the grace of God, we would still be dead in our sins and far from Him. 


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