Let the LORD do what seems good to Him

What’s your attitude when the Lord does something that you don’t like?

The high priest Eli had two sons who had done deplorable things against God.  Eli rebuked them, but he didn’t punish them as he should have.  He took it easy on them.  He was derelict in his duties, not only as a father, but as a high priest, whose holiness was supposed to represent God’s.

For this, God decided to punish Eli and his line heavily.  To announce this judgment, He spoke to Eli’s pupil, Samuel.  Samuel, being a young man, wasn’t eager to deliver this message of woe to his beloved mentor.  But Eli coaxed it out of him, appealing to the fact that God had given Samuel a message and that Samuel would be cursed if he didn’t deliver.  So, Samuel told him.

Here was Eli’s response:

“It is the LORD. Let him do what seems good to him.” – 1 Samuel 3:18

He didn’t argue about how harsh was the punishment.  He didn’t appeal to his many years of faithful service.  He didn’t beg for anything less.  He resigned Himself to the will of God.

Eli knew that God’s decision was just.  He knew that God’s decision was good.  He knew that God’s decision was just right.  He knew all of this, because he knew God, and he knew what he himself was compared to God.

Sheep, do you complain to or argue with God about His decisions?  If you long for a husband or wife, do you indict Him for not giving you one (yet)?  If He were to discipline you sternly, would you submit like Eli did?

If we struggle with trusting God, it’s because we fail to realize that God is perfectly good, perfectly just, perfectly merciful, perfectly wise, and perfectly sovereign.  If you want an attitude like Eli’s, then by the Holy Spirit’s work, that mindset is where we need to start.  It is the LORD.  Let Him do what seems good to Him. 


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