Bite-size (May 1)

Today’s takeaways from Tripp’s “Dangerous Calling”

It’s important to remember that pastors are sinners undergoing sanctification, too.  Whatever rules his heart will direct his personal life and ministry.  

Ask yourself what your pastor needs to be spiritually healthy and to grow.  Make sure that your pastor isn’t receiving the least ministry from the body.  Pastors are part of the body of Christ like every other Christian, and they need everything that the rest of the body needs.  

Just like any Christian, it’s possible for a pastor to get a hard heart.  Sin is deceptive.  We all need the eyes of others to help us see ourselves clearly.  Personal spiritual insight is the product of community.  

When pastors are encouraged to change, they are more patient with others.  Self-righteous people tend to be harsh about others’ sins.  


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