Bite-size Stiles (CROSS for the Nations Conference)

“Jesus is not going to say, ‘Well done, thou good and clever servant.'”

“If you are a believer, you are called to be involved in missions.”

“There’s too many people who are self-designated missionaries, apart from community.”

“Don’t send people whom you wouldn’t put on your church staff.”

“Missionaries become missionaries when they’re in the business of making disciples.”

“We can be too clever when we start messing with the message we were told to take.”

“It can take a lifetime to live [the gospel] out; it just takes a minute to say it.”

“We must give all the parts of the gospel.”

“The fruit of the gospel does not save.”

“We have to contextualize, but there are limits to contextualization, governed by biblical principles.”

“Caring for physical needs is not always caring for people’s souls.”

“The temporal is always secondary to the eternal” (quoting Tim Keller). 

“We can be too clever by thinking that we don’t need the church.”

“It’s very difficult to plant a healthy church if you’ve not been part of a healthy church.”


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