10 Resources that Have Been Incredibly Helpful

Here is a list of online resources that have been very helpful in my walk with the Lord.  For years have I kept them to myself.  Now, I bequeath them to you.  I thought of ordering them by helpfulness, but that proved to be too difficult.  Here they are alphabetically:

Bible Hub – A great place for commentaries, lexicons, concordances and much, much more.

The Briefing – A ministry by Al Mohler that helps us think through news and politics from a Christian Worldview.  Listen to this daily.

The Church at Brook Hills – David Platt is one of my favorite preachers alive, and his church’s sermons can be found at this website.

Desiring God – The ministry of John Piper, including sermons and other resources by him and other solid siblings in Christ.

ESVBible.org – Granted you have to pay to use the study tools, but they are worth it.  The ESV Study Bible is one of the best there is out there, and you can have all those study notes and then some right online.

GotQuestions.org – The work of a small group of brothers and sisters who reach millions (maybe billions?) of people across the globe and answer a multitude of difficult questions.

Grace to You – John MacArthur has preached through the entire New Testament (and much of the Old), and it’s all right here at your fingertips.  If you can get past the strange feeling that he’s yelling at you all the time, you will be extremely edified.

Ligonier Ministries – R.C. Sproul has a way of making the complex understandable.  This incredible teacher has thousands of resources available to you right here.

OpenBible.info – An automatic concordance that somehow scours the internet for Bible verses regarding any topic you type in.  Beware that it’s pulling from the internet, so some verses might not be as applicable as it seems at first glance.  Use these other resources to double check.

Southern Seminary’s Chapel – During the school year, twice a week, the seminary gathers together for worship and awesome preaching.  The sermons can be found here.

Since I wrote the title first, I limited myself to ten, but of course, there are countless other helpful resources for the Christian.  What are some of your favorites?


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