God Will Do What God Will Do

After his audience largely rejects the gospel we read, “So Paul went out from their midst.  But some men joined him and believed, among whom also were Dionysius the Areopagite and a woman named Damaris and others with them” (Acts 17:33-34).  Here, we have at least a couple of ways that this is encouraging to us.

How are these verses encouraging to us?  It reminds us that God is sovereign in salvation.  Why do you suppose that Dionysius and Damaris and the others believed?  Surely it wasn’t because they were stupid.  Dionysius was one of the twelve judges in the Areopagus.  It was because God softened their hearts and opened their eyes to receive the truth.

It also encourages us that our work is never in vain.  In this case, even though some mocked and other dismissed, a few believed.  And when our toil seems useless, God is always working in it.  When you share the gospel, they won’t always say, “What must I do to be saved?”  But you plant the seed and go to bed (John MacArthur) and trust that God will do what God will do.


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