More Grace


Suppose that when God sent His Son to die on the cross for sinners, calling His elect to Himself and saving the souls of His people, He then stopped there. I think we could agree that this would be still a tremendous grace and a beautiful act of love. God has every right to give no grace, and yet in His word, we see that He gives even more grace beyond the cross.

In James 4, the author begins to rebuke his audience for the quarrels and fights among the congregation. Apparently, one of the problems that his audience had was hostility rooted in covetousness. And when they prayed, they only prayed for worldly things. James charges them with being friends of the world, and he reminds them that those who make themselves friends of the world make themselves enemies of God.

This is all wonderfully true and practical exhortation, but what he says next is even more amazing. James 4:6 says, “But He gives more grace.” Hah! More grace! This is outstanding news! The cross was sufficient. It was much more than what we deserve, and yet God pours out even more grace in our lives. How deep the Father’s love for us indeed! Rejoice, Christian, in the grace of God, and in awestruck gratefulness, continue to repent of your sin.

We must be careful, when rejoicing in grace, to not take His grace for granted. God’s grace is not to be treated like a chalkboard eraser. For a Christian, the response to grace will be grateful obedience. In fact, we see that in the following verses. Verse 7 contains the word, “therefore”, meaning that the Christian responds to God’s grace as detailed in verses 7 through 10. Let our hearts receive and rejoice in the more grace that God bestows on us, and let our hearts overflow into our lives.

Today’s reading: James 3:1-4:12


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